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JuNgLe FeVeR…

It looks like designers have taken inspiration from nature, literally! Digital prints of plants seem to be in full bloom. One of the key tends of 2013 is “NATURALIST’ which welcomes the return… Continue reading


Looks like everyone seems to be hiding… Now you see me… Now you don’t!


It’s time RED makes a comeback… 2013 will be the year RED does so… Fast-Forward time and you’ll soon see…

DIP it! DYE it!

We are LOVING this trend at the moment! The best part is that you can do this yourself… Or even better just go shopping, less stress and more fun! SHOPPING = THERAPY What”s… Continue reading


Loving this at the moment… Its something monchrome but done in a very futuristic way, kind of inspiring! Also loving that the front and back are contrasting, it must be a future trend,… Continue reading


Also known as “the style rookie” this girl started blogging at the age of eleven. Her parents didn’t know what she was doing until she asked their permission to appear in a New… Continue reading


Ever heard somebody say: ‘I used to wear that back in the day’ or ‘Fashion often repeats itself’ then watch and learn… You gotta love this! 


After all the nude we’ve seen the past few seasons, a bit of color is definitely refreshing. This spring 2012, the color splash is coming in with a bang, it seems to be… Continue reading