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Have your CAKE and eat it…

Dear Whoever, You said we can’t… Now just LOOK!

Birds of a feather… Flock together!

Feathers always seem to be ‘in and out’ of fashion! One season its HOT then it is not, saying this we love feathers at the moment! Anything from amazing feather prints on clothing… Continue reading

DIP it! DYE it!

We are LOVING this trend at the moment! The best part is that you can do this yourself… Or even better just go shopping, less stress and more fun! SHOPPING = THERAPY What”s… Continue reading


Owners beware: Hide your beloved dolls from jewelry designer Margaux Lange! Once she gets her nimble fingers on them, your barbie’s iconic good looks and hot bod will become no longer distinguishable… This… Continue reading


Imagenius is located at 117 Long street, Cape Town, South Africa. It is a quirky little ‘feel-good’ gift store which has the most creative local products mixed with some fun international flavour. When… Continue reading


The paintings of Tertia du Toit have been described as an uninhibited outpouring of inspiration, life and creativity. Through a lyrical focus on the female figure du Toit evokes a sense of joyous… Continue reading