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A-LIST Asks Didi – Judge on So You Think You Can Dance

How did you become a dancer? I was always dancing as a kid, & begged my mom to send me to classes. I haven’t stopped dancing since I was 6-years old. What are… Continue reading

A-LIST Asks Bailey Schneider

How did you become a radio DJ? I always knew I wanted to go into broadcasting. I wanting to get into TV and radio, so I studied a BA Journalism degree at RAU… Continue reading

A-LIST Asks Ryan Jared Ali

Ryan Jared Ali was the winner of the A-LIST best dressed male at CTFW. He stood out from a mile away, with an awesome ensemble everyday. We wanted to find out some more… Continue reading

A-LIST Asks Sianna Wu

  How did you become a blogger? About 5 years ago, I was flipping through a local women’s magazine that I idolized at the time, and realised that I yearned for a platform… Continue reading

A-LIST Asks Dylan of Just Dylan Jack

How did you become a blogger? Peer pressure really. After appearing on the MNET Series reality show Style Intern, I worked part time in the media and fashion industry and was surrounded by… Continue reading

A-LIST Asks – Chu Suwannapha fashion editor of Fairlady

How did you get into the magazine industry?  MEETING THE RIGHT PEOPLE AT THE RIGHT TIME What are the three things you can’t live without?  CHILLIES, FASHION AND MY TWO JACK RUSSELS. What… Continue reading

A-LIST Asks Carol Thorns of CODA

How did you become a musician?  I come from a musical family and one night when I was about 6 years old, my Dad took me to a symphony concert and pointed out… Continue reading

A-LIST asks Kia Johnson

How did you become a presenter?  I began presenting in radio initially a few years back, first with retail radio and later moving into the commercial sector.  While there, I was lucky enough… Continue reading

A-LIST Asks Jo-Ann Strauss.

How did you become a presenter? I auditioned  – like everyone else. I was interviewed on Pasella during my Miss SA year in 2000 and then the producer of the show invited me… Continue reading

A-LIST Asks Jasna of Fashionjazz

How did you become a blogger?  A couple of years ago I joined Chictopia , I was the only South African blogger at the time and because of that people were fascinated about where… Continue reading