No doubt that weddings today are an extravagant affairs, with money and attention to detail are being lavished to create the most memorable day for the bride and groom. As a result, weddings have a huge ecological as well as economical impact on us. But now, green is the new white. The whole world is going green as such more and more couples are opting for green wedding wherein they do their bit for the earth by adopting eco friendly ways to organize their wedding.

Going green doesn’t mean you have to make compromises on your big day. However, you can make a few changes in the details of your wedding. So, you want to know how to make your wedding as green as possible? But have no idea as to how or where to start. Here’s how to:


Use recycled, handmade papers for the wedding invitations. Hire a local calligrapher to write your invitations rather than have it printed.


Rent a place that is nearer to you than travel distances; a local unique place like a nearby school, a restaurant or a farm, a garden etc. Instead of hiring limousines, arrive at the wedding in a horse drawn carriage or bicycle. This will help contain pollution.

Bridal Dress:

Buy eco friendly dress made either from hemp or bamboo or organic cotton or silk. You could even consider wearing ‘hand-me-downs’ wedding dress of your family. Or you could a borrow dress from one of your fashionistas friend or buy a dress that you will wear again.


Instead of buying rings having diamonds which cost a lot and which have been produced in the slavery region of Africa, go for vintage rings or ‘hand-me-downs’ which maybe a family heirloom or an antique find; a la Kate Middleton style.


Instead of insisting for exotic flowers, use locally grown flowers for staging the set. Decorate the arches and the set with dried or fresh vine branches, or live plants.

Dining and Wining:

Instead of ordering exotic dishes, simply ask your caterer to make meat free food comprising of local relishes. Go for wine that has been organically made and organic farm food for the wedding menu. Order a simple wedding cake instead of giving an order of an extravagant one.


Go for reusable glassware, dishware as well as reusable and washable cloth serviette napkins.


Go digital instead of spending money for printed photographs as printed ones don’t last forever and in addition to this you get to save paper.

Favour Gifts:

Give away local, fair-trade, handmade, organic, or eco friendly products as return gifts.


When it comes to your honeymoon go somewhere local instead of spending a bomb on some exotic location.

You may have apprehensions whether it is trendy to have a green wedding? Yes, it is. It is now the ‘in thing’ and is here to stay. Some may even pop open their eyes in the process. However, you can show your friends and family just how fun, beautiful, and cool going green is. Going green is not just for environmentalists but for every couple who plan to get married as the festivities involved in it is unique and meaningful.

So the real question is: Will you marry go green with me?

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