Owners beware: Hide your beloved dolls from jewelry designer Margaux Lange! Once she gets her nimble fingers on them, your barbie’s iconic good looks and hot bod will become no longer distinguishable…

This New York based artist and Barbie murderer has been on the loose for over a decade hunting victims for her ‘plastic bodies series’. She purposely scours garage sales and ebay far and wide for the worn, torn, no longer loved barbies to take home and dismantle. She first collects them all (she does not discriminate colour, model or gender), then cold-heartedly disassembles every single one and reattaches their smooth, shiny body parts into dangling appendages strung on cold, metal chains and resin.

Flower bud earrings made of tiny barbie ears? Available in bulk. Tennis bracelet constructed out of multi-ethnic metal shackled hands? Online for purchase on her website. ( Not even barbie’s perfectly pert nipple less breasts are sacred: they have been silver plated into heart shaped boob brooches and psychedelic disco statement necklaces complete with metallic pasties!

Lucky for toy shops, Lange only preys on second hand dolls that have experienced love in some form, as she hopes her wearable creations will continue to embody the spirit of Barbies past, that sacred bond between gal and doll.

Although she sounds like the ultimate barbie mutilator her pieces are actually quirky, clever and surprisingly not gimmicky. Her incorporation of inexpensive metal wires and candy coloured resin with Barbie’s familiar bits maintain that central sense of playfulness; However her designs also enable us to view everyones favourite mass produced toy as a viable material to create rhythm, harmonious shapes and most of all, a visual pun.

Would you wear this?


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