‘Kate Middleton’ tops the charts, again.

Kate Middleton’s name now has royal equity and for the second year running she has topped the list of fashion buzzwords. If the young royal sports a cute little dress from a retail outlet, the dress is sold out within 24 hours! Social and electronic media is calling it “The Dutchess Effect”, with this phrase being one of the most popular digital phrases says GLM (Global Language Monitor.

What’s even more bizarre than a royal taking the top prize of the fashion stakes is the royal’s sister’s derrière, taking fifth place. Pippa made many hearts melt at the wedding, but it seems that her bottom was the real attraction. ‘Pippa’s Bum’ is a commonly searched word with even websites dedicated to featuring, in their opinion, her finest asset.

These two, along with pajamas, paisley and braids. Have kicked Lady Gaga out of the top 10. The Lady with the outrageous outfits was number 1 in 2010 and has now drifted away in the media it seems. It is suspected that this is due to her shock value element wearing thin. Will the Fame Monster make it back to the top? We’ll have to wait and see.