A-LIST Asks Cleo Droomer

How did you become a fashion designer?

It was something that I always wanted to do, but never thought it to be a
career option. I decided to design my own matric dance suit in high school,
and had a designer make it for me and this was my first time being exposed
to the fashion industry. I immediately fell in love and enrolled at a
fashion college. Ever since that day, Design  has been apart of my life,
and looking back now, I cannot imagine my life any different.

What are the three things you can’t live without?

Inspiration (in any form)
my music (be it on my ipod or phone or even cd)
my phone (sad to say)

Tell us about your latest collection?

It was PVC 50’s dresses combined with sheer silk dresses and neon parkas.
Was and interesting mix of fabrics and siloheuttes.

Which 3 people would you love meet? past or present

toss up between Alexander Mqueen, Christobal Balenciaga and Christian Dior
My late Grandmother (who was a fabulous dressmaker)
Audrey Hepburn (I imagine us to be wonderful friends)

What is your motto in life?

I have many, but these two are most applicable for where I am right now and
for 2012

“never stop seeking beauty” (eternal optimist in me I guess)
“live passionately” (simple, but oh so important)

What is your favourite trend at the moment?

um.. not sure. I honestly dont even know what is trendy right now. Is that
a bad thing?

What was the worst trend ever?

If camo was ever a trend, I’d shoot that trendsetter. Ill probably be eating
my words soon, because sure enough it will make a comeback

Describe the South African fashion industry in 5 words.

I’d rather not comment here

What is your favourite destination? local and abroad

locally would have to be somewhere along the Garden Route. It’s so
picturesque and serene.
Abroad, though I have not been yet, Im sure it would be Paris.

What can we expect next from you?

expect the unexpected. telling you would take all the fun out of it… lol

What is your most prized designer possession?

My Dolce and Gabbana Gingham shirt

What do you love about A-LIST?

The fact that they stock cool menswear