A-LIST Asks Didi – Judge on So You Think You Can Dance

How did you become a dancer?

I was always dancing as a kid, & begged my mom to send me to classes. I haven’t stopped dancing since I was 6-years old.

What are the three things you can’t live without?

My Blackberry!

My make-up! (sad, but true)

My business!

What tips do you have for young aspiring dancers?

Besides the hard work that is required to become brilliant, there is also the factor of knowing the ‘business’ behind being a dancer, i.e: Know your worth. Never settle for less than you deserve as a professional dancer.

Always be on time for rehearsals & shows. Show that you want to be good at what you do. Maintain the respect toward your fellow dancers & choreographers(teachers).

Just because you’re good, doesn’t mean you ‘know-it-all’…

Always be polite in the professional arena, but be assertive in your approach.

Practice makes perfect!

Which 3 people would you love meet? past or present. 

Debbie Allen

Richard Branson

Rachel Zoe

What is your motto in life?

Everyone deserves a second chance…

What is your favourite trend at the moment?


Describe the South African fashion industry in 5 words.

Safe!  (I can’t go to dinner, or walk down the street wearing something Carrie Bradshaw would wear, without getting a giggle.)

Sorry, I only have one word…

What is your favourite destination? local and abroad

New York!!!

Tell us about your journey as a judge on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?

I never thought that I would be selected, out of the hundreds of choreographers who were interviewed to be on the panel. (My interview was immediately after Lorcia”s Cooper’s). I still cannot believe that I am doing a job where I sit & watch amazing talent all day, AND get paid for it! It has opened my eyes even more to the hard work that dancers have to put in to be great! My passion for dance, has grown immensely since being on this show, & I campaign even more now, for the support for dance in this Country! I am living my dream…

What is your most prized designer possession? 

I LOVE my Zara ankle-boots, & my Vivienne Westwood necklace! I have a wardrobe FULL of designer wear. I LOVE fashion, & feel that I don’t get enough opportunities to wear them. Somewhere deep inside, I feel like I should be more involved in fashion!

Why do you love about A-LIST?

A-List has probably been CT’s saving grace, especially to those of us, who go to so many events. There is always something original on the shelves, & you know that when you wear it, you’ll be THE ONLY one wearing that garment! The prices are also very affordable. The people at A-List are always very helpful, understand their customers needs, (& insecurities), & are very helpful in-store. They always keep their customers up-to-date about new stock, & the service in general is amazing! I have made many ‘last-minute’ purchases for an event, & have always walked away happy! I love you guys!