A-LIST Asks Ryan Jared Ali

Ryan Jared Ali was the winner of the A-LIST best dressed male at CTFW. He stood out from a mile away, with an awesome ensemble everyday. We wanted to find out some more about his style and where he gets his inspiration from.

First and foremost, we absolutely loved the bowties you were wearing at Fashion Week. Where are they from?

 They were from a local brand called The Summit, I adore the brand and can’t get enough of all their accessories. There focus is designing  accessories for the urban gentleman.

Sum up your look in one sentence.

 Dress appropriately for the occasion but always incorporate your own personality with a little something extra for good measure.

Who are your fashion icons? 

With regard to fashion I am drawn to timeless pieces of quality and  craft made with integrity. I would say Azzedine Alaia just for not compromising in any way and doing “la mode” the way he wants to do it. Not abiding by the seasonal rules and churning out product like a conveyor belt. 

 Also Patrick Grant who I have the highest admiration for by rejuvenating Savile Row, which is the ultimate location for bespoke suits. The craft involved is extraordinary and a dying craft. Personally he dresses at a level of detail, which need a second and a third, take to absorb. Have a look at this video to understand what I mean. http://vimeo.com/21069134 

 Outside the fashion world Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, they showed that fashion and style is a by-product of who you are.

 Last but not least my dad has been and still is a fashion inspiration to me. He knows how to wear a suit and use it’s power to command attention. 

Who is your favourite SA designer?

 My favourite designer would have to be Cindy Poole of The Summit. She has put a lot of work into sourcing quality raw materials and utilizes some amazing local craftspeople to construct an amazing product. I love craft and having a story to tell about what I am wearing. The Summit has paid a lot of attention to the past while still looking to create its own clear aesthetic for the future.

 The accessories The Summit has done to date are amazing. I can only hope that the word on the street is true – That there might be a menswear range on the cards? Only time will tell. You could see hints of this in their multifunctional scarves and waistcoats.

 My advice is to get her wares while they’re still affordable. This is a brand on the brink of becoming luxury. It’s rare that we find a brand, especially local that really encapsulates an exciting and unique approach to menswear.

Thank you for the interview Ryan, and congratulations again. We hope to see more of your style in the future.