A-LIST Asks Sianna Wu


How did you become a blogger?

About 5 years ago, I was flipping through a local women’s magazine that I idolized at the time, and realised that I yearned for a platform of my own to spread my own ideas.  Blogging was the perfect platform to spread my tastes for fashion and to publish my fashion trend prophecies for the whole cyber-world to see. Soon micro-blogging on Facebook, Twitter and various other cool networks such as weheartit.com and polyvore, became my preferred virtual sidewalk to strut the latest trends. People loved what I shared, and soon I started blogging and strategizing on social media campaigns for progressive local fashion brands.


What are the three things you can’t live without?

Social networks, Christian Louboutin heels and Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 Nr.1


 Where do you go to be inspired?


The best of my fashion inspiration moments have come from riding the subways of New York City; from quintessential NY-street style to wacky progressive fashion to ‘hipsters’ rocking brands that are so obscure, you’ve probably never heard of them 😉 – the subway has it.

 Streets of San Francisco (particularly Upper Haight, SOMA and Nob Hill) redefines hipster-ism and what any kind of progressiveness is, let alone fashion, which is a true eye-opener and inspiration.

 Kloof Street would be the best local altnernative for people watching and gawking at the latest cool-kid trend.


A mind-blowingly progressive German fashion site called modaCYCLE that profiles independant New York designers and provides academia-level analysis into the artistic and artisinal direction of each artist and the fashion industry as a whole.

P.S – Watching a Lady Gaga video or interview is some of the best inspiration online in my books, then again, everyone knows that I’m obsessed :).


 What is your favourite trend at the moment?

 F/W ’11: Leather, Annie Hall-esque blazers, anything in mid-night blue, triple knuckle rings and 5 inch+ moccassin pumps.

 S/S ’11: 70’s glamor a la Gerry Hall, Pucci scarves, mustard and turquoise colour blocking, lace-up summer boots, super-short white shifts and summer’s must have shoe – the outrageously-high platform wedge sandal.


Describe the South African fashion industry in 5 words.

Ready for a youth-led revolution.


What is your favourite destination?

Paris, France.


What is your most prized designer possession? 

A sharply tailored mens-style YSL suit jacket.


Why do you love wearing A-LIST?

What is not to love? Hands-down the most exclusive and personal boutique in South Africa. Being a typical fashion fiend myself, A-LIST has never let me down with its exclusivity in that I always have the confidence that noone will be rocking the same outfit with the added bonus that I get to feel like Serena Van der Woodsen strutting down Long Street!

A-LIST is extremely consistent by stylishly stocking clothes before its time for the cult following of well-clad women that it deserves to have.

In all seriousness, if it had not been for A-LIST and that fateful late afternoon when I ambushed dear Kurt and Monique – the fashion-snob in me would be bare-naked, roaming the streets of Cape Town protesting in sartorial sadness. Thank you A-LIST you guys rock!


Sianna Wu is a social media marketer and blogger that has been a die-hard fan of A-LIST for as long as she has been a fixture on the Cape Town fashion scene. Now based in New York, catch her latest musings on trends, fashion, life and taking NYC on her twitter page and blog.