A-LIST Asks Dylan of Just Dylan Jack

How did you become a blogger?

Peer pressure really. After appearing on the MNET Series reality show Style Intern, I worked part time in the media and fashion industry and was surrounded by bloggers all the time. and I was like? “I can do this.” So I did.

Plus, I used to read like a thousand blogs religiously and then I really just got tired of reading other peoples opinions and developed this serious urge to create a space on the internet just for me. A hilarious, sexy place. So I did.

What are the three things you can’t live without?

My iPhone (aka internet, cell phone and camera), cheddar cheese and my red All Stars.

Where do you go to be inspired?

I love to watch the stars and / or visit http://homotography.blogspot.com

Which 3 people would you love to meet? (past or present)

 Oscar Wilde (or the modern day version that is Stephen Fry), Desmond Tutu and Tina Fey.

What is your favourite trend at the moment?

 For women it would have to be head Scarves and large My-Fair-Lady-like hats

 For the men it is long 70’s hair, androgyny and orange (that one is still coming to SA).

Describe the South African fashion industry in 5 words.

 Youngdistinct, exciting, poor and expanding.

What do you think of menswear in South Africa?

 Sho! We have such along way to go it hurts. Yes, we definitely have designers and boutiques (like A-LIST) getting it very right but the mass of shopping opportunities in South Africa are very poor although it has improved ten fold in the last few years.  When I walk down Oxford Street in London it brings tears to my eyes. I will only be happy when fashionable menswear turns main stream like this in SA.

What is your favourite destination?

 For travelling overseas it would have to be Thailand or if local then anywhere on the Garden Route. For fashion, definitely Milan.

What is your most prized designer possession?

 I am still a poor student so owning international designer pieces is still a dream for me but I do own a pair of red harem pants that leading fashion house, Kluk CGDT, made especially for meThey are very special.

Why do you love wearing A-LIST?

You cannot get A-LIST clothes anywhere else in this country! A-LIST imports the best and it makes me very happy to finally have a boutique that makes these clothes available to the public who cannot travel just to shop. It brings the world’s best right to my front door. *Smiles and rainbows*

Check out Dylan’s fabulous blog here.