Doing Good.

On 18 July do good.  For only 67 minutes of the day do something that will let someone know that you care about them, this is Mandiba’s wish on his birthday. We’ve come up with some ideas on how everyone can get involved on Mandela Day!


1. Part with your clothes.

If you haven’t worn something in 6 months to a year you probably don’t need it. Go through your entire wardrobe and give away the garments that someone else would put to  better use than you would. Drive or walk around the city and gives the clothes to the people who need them.


2. Give someone a Fairytale

If you have loads of party dresses and gowns that you’re not going to wear again, give a dress or suit to a girl  or boy in need for their matric farewell dance. Or instead of the new and wasteful trash the dress trend, give your wedding gown to someone who can’t afford one. Drop dresses off at a local high school or at a church or post an ad on Gumtree and see if you can find a new owner there.


3. Use Social Media

Often small charity organisations don’t have the resources to have an online presence or advertise. Why not select a local charity and tell the virtual world all about what they’re doing and what they need with a blog post, an emailer or a Facebook page.


4. Use your Skills

What do you do for a living? If you’re a graphic designer  you could design brochureware for an orphanage pro bono. If you’re a restauranteur you could cook a hot meal. Donations don’t need to be monetary, your skills and knowledge are valuable.


5. The Starter Pack

Help someone unemployed to write  a CV and organise a job interview for them.


6. Make a child smile

If your child has a room full of toys that aren’t even played with, take some of the toys to an orphanage.


7. Flowers

Buy flowers make small arrangements and take them to retirement villages. Hand them out to residents and stay for tea and a chat.


8. Empower a Woman

Tell homeless women in your area about the local clinic. Inform them that they can go there to be tested, collect contraception and for regular check ups for free. Many people don’t know about these facilities and the amazing services they offer.


9. Puppy Love

Take a big bag of dog food or cat food to SPCA, Tears or Darg. They’ve got a lot of mouths to feed. Stay to walk some of the dogs or play with some kittens. If you want to make a lasting difference you can become a foster parent to the pets or adopt one!


10. Blankets

Blankets are the one thing that will always be needed. Collect blankets from your community and distribute them to people who need them.


We really hope that on 18 July all the A-LISTERS out there will do something good and get their colleagues, friends and family involved too! We want to know what you will be doing on Monday, please let us know!