A-LIST asks Clayton Morar

How did you become a blogger?

 I started out in December 2008 with the idea of writing down all the memories of when I met some A-LIST celebrities and how I got their autographs for my collection – which now includes 5500. The idea of having a blog was to tell my stories and share them with people, because I always get asked what’s it like to have met celebs. From that, my blog grew and I started attending more events, interviewing people as well as featuring all the latest trends, which is why and how it’s grown into a fully-fledged business. I enjoy blogging and I feel in doing so, you can express your opinion honestly, openly, as well as authentically.

 What are the three things you can’t live without?

 My cell phone, my friends and family, and social media.

 Who is your best-dressed celebrity?

 Internationally, I think Eva Longoria has such great style – whether it’s on TV or when she’s on the red carpet. I also love how Charlize Theron’s tall body can make any number look good. As for men, I like Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox’s suave looks. Locally, I’d give the award to Bonang Matheba and Sixwe Dhlomo.

 Describe the South African fashion industry in 5 words.  

 Up-and-coming, upbeat and innovative, fresh.

 What is your favourite trend at the moment?

 Polo necks, boots and thick leather jackets.

 I would give anything to meet…

Beyonce, Oprah and Nelson Mandela.

 What is your most prized designer possession?

 A recent purchase of stunning grey leather boots – I wear them all the time and they make me feel sexy and confident.

 What would you say it takes to be part on the A-LIST?

 Being a socialite, knowing the “who’s who” and constantly following what’s hot and what’s not! Also attending events and parties are a MUST – if you’re out of sight, you’re also out of mind. However, having said all this, one should also have style, class, grace and a humble approach and the idea of fame and fortune only comes with hard work and perseverance. 

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